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23 April 2010

Give Love A Try

You, you're like driving on a Sunday
you, you're like taking off on Monday
you, you're like a dream, a dream come true

[Version de Nick:]
I, I'm just face you never notice
now, I'm just trying to be honest
with myself, with you, with the world

[Version de Joe:]
And your eyes, when I saw them for the first time,
Knew that I was gonna love you for a long time
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with a love so real, so right

How did it play out like a movie,
now every time you speak can move me,
and I can't get your smile off my mind... )

You might think that I'm a fool
for falling over you
but tell me what can I do to prove to you
that it's not so hard to do
give love a try, one more time
‘cause you know that I'm on your side
give love a try, one more time

One more time. ..

(niesa's feberet song)


hmmm..nk cter aper erk dis week..xtaw ar..ha,td ktorg kna rotan lam klas sj..nota xcomplete..huhu..tgk video nie..

18 April 2010

basah siot..

cter nie nk kter lmere xder lar lmer lmer ler gak..weeks ago kot..mser 2 ari kdua pmilihan pntun kt skul ktorg..niesa sjer join,tp xmsok pown..myra n fatin msok..nk di jdkn cter,myra ajak lar ktorg g brlatih kt blakang toilet laki..blakang 2 ader cam kaki 5,so ktorg lepak c2..niesa dmam..sore pown da cam ktak,so xley ar join..hihi..about 10 mnutes after that,nk dijdkn cter..ader lar hmba Allah aner ntah,ley smbah air kt ktorg mlalui tgkp toilet 2..ya Allah..taek gler..1 baldi taw ark!!nseb xkyop jer ktorg..mmg ar..taek..gram tol..nseb bkn air jmban..lau x,mmg ktorg crik smpai mampos mamat 2..errrrrr..i c u in court mr whatever!!!!